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We are a team of Ayurveda enthusiasts, therapists, students, professionals and researchers who feel that the wonderful benefits of Ayurveda should be available to all across the globe.
The life science of Ayurveda offers a wealth of support to human health. Every country and region in this world has the treasures of invaluable plants, herbs and natural substances that can be used to promote health and well-being. We hold events and seminars in different parts of the world, not only to educate people about the usefulness of plants and herbs of their region but also to conduct detox programmes, nutritional workshops and share insights in subjects like parenting, karma related to disease and sexual health.
All our programmes are overseen by our teacher and mentor yogi Manmoyanand. He gives you food for thought as he shares ancient knowledge viewed from a modern, scientific perspective in a way that is relevant to you. As an accomplished yogi, he has unparalleled knowledge of nature, the human affliction and the workings of the universe. He encourages inquiry and explains with infinite patience. You are guaranteed a unique and exciting learning experience

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by yogi manmoyanand

by yogi manmoyanand

Why have the yoga teachers of the modern world chosen to reduce yoga to a system of gymnastic fitness and compromised its true essence by completely distorting it to fit into the modern lifestyle? Is asana all about physical exercises? Is pranayama all about curing diseases? Is meditation all about stress management? After practising many years of the modern therapeutic styles of yoga with some of the most renowned contemporary teachers with their numerous claims of authenticity, the author s incessant desire for spiritual-awareness was never addressed. Until, one day an old ascetic perceived the urgency of his quest and took him to the remote caves of the Himalayas. Sivananda Buried Yoga is about personal journey of the author & the discoveries of the stunning realities of yoga.

A meeting that met my needs and enriched me. It dealt with various aspects and areas of my life. Manmoyanand created a pleasant atmosphere and left an experience of great knowledge
— Galit, israel, ayurvedic consultation 2017